Our Story

Our Vision

Empowering business builders to radically transform start-up success rates

Our Mission

To make hyper-growth business building more achievable, accessible and affordable.

Our Values

Which guide our behaviours and partnerships include being Trusting & Respectful, Impactful & Collaborative, Curious & Playful, Supportive & Compassionate.

Our Purpose

To enable people to satisfy their life needs, so they can focus on community needs.

We believe the best way to fulfil our purpose is to assist people to build and grow businesses.

Our Impact

An early-stage company that raises Series A capital, on average, establishes a ~US$19m valuation within 4 years + sustainable employment growth

Our Team


Kirk Drage


My career has been driven by 3 keen interests; Digital Technology, Scalable Business Models and the Human Condition. Since starting a PC business at university, my roles have necessitated maintaining a deep understanding of leading edge digital technologies. Since encouraging executives at my first summer job in an aluminium foundry to adopt spreadsheets in the late ’80’s, I have been honing my ability to communicate to business leaders how technology can transform the scalability of a business.

More recently, international leadership roles spanning Fortune 500, Silicon Valley start-ups, business development in over 20 countries, and placing investment in early-stage companies have led me to develop a passion for empowering people to develop and mature their abilities to build companies, create jobs, distribute wealth and generate positive social impact.

My career has been centered around the desire to make people successful, to help them both personally and professionally. After many years working at both a national and international level for companies such as Hewlett Packard as a Service Delivery Executive, in Service Management, Service Delivery and Business Operations, the creation of LeapSheep has provided the perfect vehicle to make this desire a reality. LeapSheep focuses on accelerating the abilities of entrepreneurs and business leaders to build value and valuation in their software companies.

My other passion of giving back to the community has been fulfilled by being a member of the Australian IT Service Management Forum where I focused my energy on improving the management and success of the forum, expanding, and maturing the National Conference to become the premier Service Management conference in the region and being on the International Board for 2 years, including in the role of Chair. In the last 12 months I have been completely focused on building our internal capability to provide an excellent LeapSheep experience for both our customers and employees .


Kathryn Heaton


Monica Drage

Customer Success

I love helping people and my previous roles have all been centered around assisting people to achieve their outcomes. I thrive on the opportunity to meet new people and hear their stories and this has naturally lead to my role at LeapSheep of Customer Experience Lead ensuring that our customers receive a thoughtful and consistent experience in all their interactions with us.

I’m passionate about uncovering world leading people, process and technologies that can be used to transform employee and customer experiences and power the hyper-growth businesses.

Previous roles have included consulting (and qualifying as a chartered accountant) at professional services firm KPMG to working in Strategy for the UK government healthcare regulator.

I head LeapSheep’s Research which spans Technology Trends, Business Process Innovation, Industry Trends, Disruptive Innovators and User Research. Our investment in research seeks to ensure we’re able to offer world class support to hyper-growth business builders in the global market.


Sarah Bell

Head of Research
Terri Soar

Terri Soar

Product Manager

I’m passionate about customers getting the products and service they love! And with over 15 years of experience in strategic customer service and sales business operations across Optus, including leading projects and business improvement initiatives, the transition into Product Management with LeapSheep is the perfect fit.

As Product Manager, my focus is to develop LeapSheep’s unique product offerings with a customer-centric approach, and in context of market dynamics, business objectives, technology trends, and best practise from entrepreneurship and new economy thought leaders from around the world. Using an agile process, delivery of new product features, benefits and improvements is ongoing to our customer-base of founders/business builders.

Entrepreneurship is my passion. Building teams around common values and goals is the work I have chosen for life. As an entrepreneur, founder of three businesses in very different industries, I have experience in executive positions across a wide range of functions such as finance, customer service and international product procurement. But B2B marketing and sales is the area where I have developed a highly intensive expertise.

As Business Building Advisor at LeapSheep, I combine my previous experiences with the continuous learning provided every day by our amazing team to support start-up founders searching for hyper-growth business strategies and structuring their marketing and sales operations.

Lucas Guiamaraes

Lucas Guimaraes

Business Building Advisor
Quin Le

Quin Le

Research Assisstant

I have a solid background in Business and Marketing having graduated as a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from the University of South Australia and a Bachelor of General Marketing from the University of Finance and Marketing. My first role at E-commerce leader Lazada Group – in Southeast Asia gave me the experience of working at a start-up and helped me to recognise my passion for working in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment.

Since joining LeapSheep, I have used my market research skills and business management knowledge to produce a variety of leadership training modules designed to support start-up businesses. Focusing on Technology Trends, Market Trends, Business Innovation and User Research, LeapSheep embraces the philosophy that every employee is the leader of their project whilst at the same time being provided with mentorship and support from other team members. I am also encouraged to take advantage of professional development opportunities to build my skills and experience.

I’ve developed my skills in event management, analytics, problem solving and I’ve recently graduated from International Business Bachelor’s Degree in University of South Australia majoring in Economics and had Accounting and Psychology background during my college years. I am passionate in solving people’s problem and always wanted to be in the consulting sector but it got even better when I got myself into Startup Incubation.

At LeapSheep, I’ve leveraged my passion in analytical related tasks to analyse the performance and processes of it’s business operations across different areas of the business. My job scope is focused on Data Analytics, System Development and Technology Research that delivers value to clients by providing automation to their business processes. I’m fortunate to join LeapSheep as the team uphold the company’s values and LeapSheep offers numerous opportunities from personal professional development, mentoring, and also the ability to work at different business areas do help in developing my knowledge and skills.


Shen Tan

Data Analyst
Kavita Sher

Kavita Sher

I’m a creative, versatile, and highly motivated self-starter focused on maximizing business objectives to ensure business performance, productivity, profitability and growth. My role in LeapSheep is to prepare various statements and reports, dashboards, process internal communications, and manage and update databases.

I have extensive knowledge in the field of Business Operations, Analysis, Technology and in dealing with complex projects, and I have comprehensive experience in corporate based business operation.

My role in LeapSheep is assisting with backend support and ensuring organizational high standards are met. I have a commitment to company goals by producing a positive and tangible impact in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment

Prakash Mehta

Prakash Mehta

Our Advisors

Andrew Andreyev

Andrew Andreyev


Andrew works primarily with entrepreneurs, investors and their families. He helps them to build their businesses and protect their wealth.

Andrew has a broad skillset, based on a diversity of professional experience. He has worked as a tax accountant, a merchant banker, and as a lawyer (in Australia and the UK) with an emphasis on corporate and international tax laws. Since returning to Australia in 2001 he has run his own boutique law practice with offices in Sydney and Adelaide.

He has acted for the SA and NSW state governments and several infrastructure funds on structuring asset transactions. At Macquarie Bank and Travers Smith (London) Andrew gained exposure to a number of private equity funds and gained firsthand experience as a shareholder and board member of a medical device company that raised private equity and then listed on the ASX.

Andrew has acted as an independent director or company secretary on a number of boards across a number of different industries. He regularly writes and presents on issues facing entrepreneurs, their businesses and their families.

John is the Technical Director and Co-Founder of koolth – web specialists empowering clients with next generation online tools, custom web design & development, specialist web integrations, Artificial Intelligence & Smart City solutions.

An expert on emerging technologies, John has over 20 years experience in Artificial Intelligence (PhD), web technologies and software engineering and has been speaking at events in the UK, Australia, Europe and the USA about these topics for many years. Before starting koolth, John worked in a wide range of industries (including Banking, Engineering & Education) and was a senior University lecturer in the UK teaching Artificial Intelligence, Computer Studies and Software Engineering.

John’s major achievements include being awarded his PhD in Artificial Intelligence, a First Class Honours in Computer Studies and a PgC in Research. He was also awarded the British Computer Society (BCS) award for most outstanding undergraduate final year project and was part of the award winning ‘GovHack’ competition team – winning the South Australian Premiers award, People’s Choice Australia award and Building on Science, Research and Environmental Data award.

John Flackett

John Flackett

John van Ruth

John van Ruth


John currently works in the not for profit sector as CEO for Operation Flinders Foundation as well as holds a number of non-executive directorships.

Prior to that John spent four years as CFO for Coopers Brewery, the largest Australian owned brewery. Before Coopers he held a number of senior roles with other iconic South Australian companies. He was CIO at the RAA of SA Inc. (2008-2010), CIO for Adelaide Bank (2003-2007) and Executive General Manager eBusiness for Faulding in (2000 to 2001).

All up, Mr van Ruth has over 30 years of Executive management, Finance, IT, eBusiness and security experience, gained in Australia, Holland, and Canada. John is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand, Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and Fellow of Flinders University New Venture Institute. He sits on a number of professional body and not for profit boards.

Our Services

Our Services

LeapSheep is pioneering “Hyper-growth incubation-as-a-service” empowering business builders to develop hyper-growth scale business models that are capable of attracting early stage venture investment and then successfully executing. We’re transforming the support landscape for early stage ventures by making the journey more achievable, accessible and affordable.

Services For Founders

Currently, our subscription SaaS & Expert Advisory platform is in private beta with a number of early-stage companies helping us refine our technology & services.

If you are a founder or business owner interested in joining the waiting list for our private beta please contact us here

Services For Start-Up Enablers And Investors

LeapSheep fills an unmet need in the early stage venture support space which allows us to complement and partner extensively with other players including technology companies, universities, governments, accelerator programs and investors.

If you’re an individual or organisation passionate about supporting or investing in hyper-growth start-ups please contact us here


AIIA Merit Recipient SA 2018

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